2020 global treatment

The information presented here on global end-stage renal disease (ESRD) demographics and selected trends was retrieved in the 2020 global Fresenius Medical Care survey. Of the more than 230 countries (or areas of special sovereignty) worldwide, around 145 countries are reported to provide dialysis care to patients with renal failure. The annual Fresenius Medical Care survey collects and consolidates data from these countries, thereby providing a unique insight into the ESRD and dialysis patient populations, their global distributions and the treatment modalities employed.

In numerous countries, renal registries and other official organisations are valuable sources of extensive information on various aspects of ESRD demographics, treatment practices and outcomes. Such information provides a solid base for international comparisons and aids understanding of treatment policies and their implications for the well-being of patients. Conclusions drawn from such data provide knowledge of value to both medical communities and policy makers throughout the world.

However, data collection and analysis requires extensive resources, and a time lapse between data collection and publication is unavoidable. In addition, a complete global picture cannot be derived from national registry data alone, as a significant portion of the countries that provide dialysis care do not have official renal registries or do not publish corresponding data. Through its worldwide network, Fresenius Medical Care is in a position to efficiently retrieve and process ESRD patient demographic data on a global and regional level. Key results are presented here.


The data presented here is derived from information consolidated from around 145 countries worldwide.

All data referring to ESRD patients, unless labelled otherwise, refer to the end of year 2007.

Growth rates displayed are the 2006 to 2007 annual growth rates.

All data referring to the European Union (EU) describe the status as in year 2007 (i.e. 27 countries).

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